Kidnapped! is an educational resource which helps teachers create the kind of rich learning environment that lies at the heart of Curriculum for Excellence.

Designed for Stage 2 (upper primary school) Kidnapped! is a series of rich tasks that engage children in investigative learning experiences.

The Story

familyJack and Sarah Green, the children of businessman Alan Green, have disappeared in mysterious circumstances. A ransom note is then discovered stating that the children have been kidnapped and will never be seen again unless Green Technologies scrap their plans to build a large wind farm in the local area.

Pupils adopt the role of a police team investigating the children's kidnapping.   The learning environment is immediately transformed into a police incident room and their investigations lead them on a trail of discovery across Scotland.  Piece by piece, evidence is uncovered which helps to solve the mystery.  But the clock is ticking . . . can the police team get to the hideout in time to save Jack and Sarah Green?

Interdisciplinary learning

Kidnapped! comprises 16 rich tasks which promote interdisciplinary learning.  Activities include:tyretrack

  • Investigating the local area
  • Creating an artist's impression
  • Writing a newspaper report
  • Measuring and drawing to scale
  • Researching green energy technologies
  • Reading graphs and charts
  • Using a database
  • Carrying out forensic investigation
  • Planning a journey
  • Using online maps

mapKidnapped incorporates more than 200 Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes, covering Literacy and Numeracy, Health and Wellbeing, Science, Art and Design, Social Subjects and Technologies.

Teacher's Support Pack

A support pack provides step-by-step guidance for teachers on how to use Kidnapped within a classroom setting.  The pack also includes materials to support each activity.  Learners are able to access specially created websites and online multimedia resources which are integral to their investigations.

View a sample of the Teachers Support Pack.

See the work space from a school who have completed the Kidnapped programme.

Kidnapped is a rich and motivating experience for learners and one that embodies the key principles of Curriculum for

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"I am on mission 4 and 5 at this point and the children are really loving it. The resource pack and outline of lessons has been really useful to me! This is a great tool for those teachers looking to incorporate more rich tasks into their teaching!" - Teacher, Cuiken Primary School

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